A Dark, Misty Walk Around the Yard

Today was the epitome of a manic first day of work after a holiday. I started working before the sunrise and still have more to do after I publish this blog post—long after the sunset.

But just before the last light of day drifted behind the hills, I took a much-needed break from work and rallied my girls for a walk in the yard. We all donned boots and jackets to muck around in the leaves and see what we could see. No one minded the mist dancing around us; we were happy to be together, outside, on a cool day—if only for a few minutes.

These shots were point-and-shoot in very low light. Honestly, I’m surprised at how decent some of them managed to be. I hope you enjoy them.

Today is Gotcha Day for the boys. They’ve been part of our family for exactly one year!
Thar be fungus amongus!
Just some gals and their boots.
This rim looks like the lovechild of a rotary phone and a film reel.
Appalachian octopus?
Peek-a-boo! I see Del.
I love it when texture dominates a photo.
This piece of wood reminds me of file folders.
Barn bars.
A rusty leaf.

Was today your first day back to work after the holiday? How did it go? Share your story with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.

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