I’d be remiss and in direct violation of my Appalachian sensibilities to not first welcome you to my website, so…

Welcome, Y’all!

Professionally, I work in online content but I’ve always wanted to build my own site. Through many iterations, trials, errors and flat-out flubs, here we are.

You Will BEE Fine is my hive. It’s the place where I can use my writing to prioritize self-care and cultivate positivity.

I aim to do this by approaching everyday life using this philosophy:

BEE Bold, Empathetic, and Enlightened.

But don’t get me wrong: I’m not here to be preachy. I’m a work in progress and have no intention of propping myself up as an example of how anyone should live.

I’m just searching for encouragement to thrive and striving to be more appreciative and accepting of the realities of life as a thirtysomething mom, wife, and working woman with mental health challenges and without parents.