A New View of the Outdoors

When I went outside with my camera, I had no idea what I’d find to photograph or where inspiration would lead me. But one thing I did know for sure: I was excited to see a bit of sun!

The girls were playing nicely inside when I found the time to head out so I capitalized on a few quiet moments to myself. Most of my outdoor photos tend to include living subjects but today I was inspired by new sights, lines, and textures.

To capture these images, I wandered around the driveway, wood shop, and fenced area behind the wood shop.

This color combo caught my attention.
Industrial LEGOs?
It’s as simple as I thought this looked neat.
I’m turning this one over to CSI: Up the Holler.
A wood palette makes for interesting lines.
Walk the tightrope.
Safe and sound.
“Let me ride through the wide open country that I love/ Don’t fence me in.”
“Tin roof/ Rusted!”
I did find one living thing.
I reckon these old winders need warshin’.
That’s the nail in this blog post.

What’s your favorite non-living outdoor subject to photograph? Share your answer with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.

Hey, Let’s Go Pine Cone Pickin’

Lately, I’ve been in a crafty mood.

No, not that kind.

I’ve been making winter and Valentine’s Day crafts. Crafting is relaxing and brings me a lot of joy so I’m trying to make more time for it in 2020. It’s also something I can share with my daughters.

Today, I invited the girls along with me to pick pine cones that we can use for a variety of projects. After I filled my bag with pine cones, I walked back down to the house and grabbed my camera.

These are the results!

Hard at work.
I love that this looks like a reflection.
A sterling example.
Nature’s carpet.
Split personality.
So many textural layers.
Ew. But cool! But ew.
ADORE the lighting here.
Probably a medieval torture device.
Look at all those beautiful lines.
I found a set from Game of Thrones.
Needles in a leaf stack.
“Take my picture!”

Have you ever gone pine cone pickin’ or crafted with pine cones? Share your answer with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.

Things You Do and Things You Don’t

Today was a day of owning my decisions. When my alarm when off at 6:00 a.m. this morning, I hit snooze. I was exhausted. So exhausted, in fact, that I continued to hit snooze at 10-minute intervals until after 7:00 a.m. when I disabled my alarm. It’s still Christmas break for my family so everyone else was home and cozy and asleep. By golly, I wanted to be, too. No, I needed to be.

And it was the right decision—one that afforded me the best sleep I’ve had in weeks.

In the afternoon, I tested my decision-making skills again. I knew today would be rainy one so finding the right time to get outside would require some observation and spontaneity. When I caught a break in the rain, I knew I had to make a decision and quickly.

Did I have other things to do? Yes.
Could they wait for a few minutes? Yes, probably.
But were they going to have to wait? Yes, definitely.

And, again, it was the right decision—one that led to more cherished moments outdoors with my girls and Tiger, our special guest.

“Came through drippin’ (drip drip)”
It’s like a sparkly nature firework!
“Don’t go chasin’ water(hose)falls.”
Donnie Darko: Part II
“All in all…”
I think this sort of looks like a star.
Sleeping Beauty.
Rapunzel’s at the salon getting lowlights for winter.
This poor stump’s brains done squished out.
It’s still Christmas season.
“Liberty!” she shouted just before I took this photo.
This is Del’s audition for the next season of Stranger Things.
Ro: “Pull over! You are not wearing your bicycle helmet. You are going to jail, ma’am!”
“Oh, hey, guys.”
“I salute you, Mother Nature.”
The Great Sphinx of Eastern Kentucky.
Wait, it’s a real cat.
Paws and admire these beauts.

What is one right decision you made today? Share your story with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.

A Dark, Misty Walk Around the Yard

Today was the epitome of a manic first day of work after a holiday. I started working before the sunrise and still have more to do after I publish this blog post—long after the sunset.

But just before the last light of day drifted behind the hills, I took a much-needed break from work and rallied my girls for a walk in the yard. We all donned boots and jackets to muck around in the leaves and see what we could see. No one minded the mist dancing around us; we were happy to be together, outside, on a cool day—if only for a few minutes.

These shots were point-and-shoot in very low light. Honestly, I’m surprised at how decent some of them managed to be. I hope you enjoy them.

Today is Gotcha Day for the boys. They’ve been part of our family for exactly one year!
Thar be fungus amongus!
Just some gals and their boots.
This rim looks like the lovechild of a rotary phone and a film reel.
Appalachian octopus?
Peek-a-boo! I see Del.
I love it when texture dominates a photo.
This piece of wood reminds me of file folders.
Barn bars.
A rusty leaf.

Was today your first day back to work after the holiday? How did it go? Share your story with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.

New Year, New Photo Challenge

Hi, I’m a walking, talking cliché. But it’s fine. I’m comfortable in my basicness and own the fact I’m yet another blogger who’s used the calendar reset to launch (or relaunch or re-relaunch) a creative project.

While entertaining a moment of self reflection, as one does when wolfing down New Year’s Eve appetizers, I realized the 2010s inspired my love of the outdoors and, in particular, nature photography. Coincidentally, my husband gifted me a new Canon lens for Christmas. Put it all together and the New Year holiday is an ideal time to give myself a challenge: photograph my outdoor environment every day in 2020.

This challenge doesn’t mean I have to go on a daily long excursion to document typical attention-grabbing sights. Truthfully, I don’t need that kind of pressure. The purpose of this challenge is to 1.) get outside in some capacity every day, which is important to me as someone who works from home; 2.) give myself more camera practice; 3.) reinforce that wonders are all around me if I am present and mindful.

These are today’s shots! Happy New Year!

“What is dead may never die.”
Ragnar’s rolled out the tongue carpet (Catching Rollo in the background mid head shake is quite something.)
Who knew a rusted out fire pit could be so intriguing?
The face you make when you realize unicorns ARE real!
Rollo surveying his domain.
Can’t you just smell this photo?
I love the shadows and light on this planter.
This is the way I look at cheese.
Yellow Cat doing cat things.
Yep, Yellow Cat is still a cat.
Okay, now Yellow Cat is a whole floofy mood.

Did you set any New Year goals or are you completing a photo challenge? Share your story with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.