A New View of the Outdoors

When I went outside with my camera, I had no idea what I’d find to photograph or where inspiration would lead me. But one thing I did know for sure: I was excited to see a bit of sun!

The girls were playing nicely inside when I found the time to head out so I capitalized on a few quiet moments to myself. Most of my outdoor photos tend to include living subjects but today I was inspired by new sights, lines, and textures.

To capture these images, I wandered around the driveway, wood shop, and fenced area behind the wood shop.

This color combo caught my attention.
Industrial LEGOs?
It’s as simple as I thought this looked neat.
I’m turning this one over to CSI: Up the Holler.
A wood palette makes for interesting lines.
Walk the tightrope.
Safe and sound.
“Let me ride through the wide open country that I love/ Don’t fence me in.”
“Tin roof/ Rusted!”
I did find one living thing.
I reckon these old winders need warshin’.
That’s the nail in this blog post.

What’s your favorite non-living outdoor subject to photograph? Share your answer with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.

Hey, Let’s Go Pine Cone Pickin’

Lately, I’ve been in a crafty mood.

No, not that kind.

I’ve been making winter and Valentine’s Day crafts. Crafting is relaxing and brings me a lot of joy so I’m trying to make more time for it in 2020. It’s also something I can share with my daughters.

Today, I invited the girls along with me to pick pine cones that we can use for a variety of projects. After I filled my bag with pine cones, I walked back down to the house and grabbed my camera.

These are the results!

Hard at work.
I love that this looks like a reflection.
A sterling example.
Nature’s carpet.
Split personality.
So many textural layers.
Ew. But cool! But ew.
ADORE the lighting here.
Probably a medieval torture device.
Look at all those beautiful lines.
I found a set from Game of Thrones.
Needles in a leaf stack.
“Take my picture!”

Have you ever gone pine cone pickin’ or crafted with pine cones? Share your answer with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.