New Year, New Photo Challenge

Hi, I’m a walking, talking cliché. But it’s fine. I’m comfortable in my basicness and own the fact I’m yet another blogger who’s used the calendar reset to launch (or relaunch or re-relaunch) a creative project.

While entertaining a moment of self reflection, as one does when wolfing down New Year’s Eve appetizers, I realized the 2010s inspired my love of the outdoors and, in particular, nature photography. Coincidentally, my husband gifted me a new Canon lens for Christmas. Put it all together and the New Year holiday is an ideal time to give myself a challenge: photograph my outdoor environment every day in 2020.

This challenge doesn’t mean I have to go on a daily long excursion to document typical attention-grabbing sights. Truthfully, I don’t need that kind of pressure. The purpose of this challenge is to 1.) get outside in some capacity every day, which is important to me as someone who works from home; 2.) give myself more camera practice; 3.) reinforce that wonders are all around me if I am present and mindful.

These are today’s shots! Happy New Year!

“What is dead may never die.”
Ragnar’s rolled out the tongue carpet (Catching Rollo in the background mid head shake is quite something.)
Who knew a rusted out fire pit could be so intriguing?
The face you make when you realize unicorns ARE real!
Rollo surveying his domain.
Can’t you just smell this photo?
I love the shadows and light on this planter.
This is the way I look at cheese.
Yellow Cat doing cat things.
Yep, Yellow Cat is still a cat.
Okay, now Yellow Cat is a whole floofy mood.

Did you set any New Year goals or are you completing a photo challenge? Share your story with me in a comment. Thank y’all for reading.

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